You may have never dated a high end escort, but the truth is that there’s a first for everything. Since she’s probably the hot girl you never could’ve even dreamed about being with, you may feel anxious about the whole thing. However, instead of asking yourself 1000s of questions about things that you would normally not stress about, you may want to summon the energy to relax and look forward to it like a man.

Do a reality check

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to be honest about what’s going to happen once you meet up with your companion. This is not going to turn into a romantic relationship and you’re only going to be with her for a couple of hours, a nighttime or long weekend. Always make sure your expectations are rooted in reality and don’t think for one second that this is going to be more than it actually is.

Even if you’re dating an escort, she’s still a woman and you need to always consider her feelings. Therefore, don’t say things that you would never say to a woman you’re dating, since this may not sit well with her.



Talk about something she finds interesting

Just like with any other date, you need to find a topic that both of you enjoy talking about. The conversation needs to be relaxed, you should act confident and also throw in some humor, but don’t overdo it. Women don’t like to think they’re dating someone immature. The best thing to do would be to start with a conversation that allows you to know each other better and then bring in the heavy cavalry – that is the humor and the jokes. Women love to laugh and if you can make her laugh, then that’s all it takes to win her over. Also, no matter the topic you discuss, try to change it from time to time, since dragging it on about the same thing can get rather boring.

Give it your best shot

As the night continues, make sure to maintain your charm and keep being the gentleman she expects you to be. As a man would say, don’t let your guard down and don’t get comfortable. The golden rule is not to talk too much though, because it takes just a single mistake to make everything go sour. Maybe you like pork sandwiches and she’s a vegetarian, so that’s strike one. Then you may continue talking about how you love football, but she’s had a bad experience with a past boyfriend who always had time for football, but never time for her, so that’s strike 2.

Well, now since you’re on the edge you should play it safe. It only takes 1 wrong move, like saying a female friend of yours always talks too much about her problems (hint: you’re not a good listener) or that your ex complained too much (you don’t care about her feelings) and it’s strike  3 (you’re  out).

Sure enough, a first date with a gorgeous woman can make any man feel anxious, but since you’re a man, you just have to summon the confidence that characterizes your gender and act the part.

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