luxury companionIf you want to be an escort, then you should know that it can be pretty difficult to be successful in this highly competitive industry. To make sure you’re on the right path to success though, here are several questions you need to ask prior to signing up with your favorite escorts agencies.

Pay structure

Find out if the agency primarily gets paid in credit or cash and if credit when you will get paid.  Very important to protect yourself as some nefarious agencies have a reputation for withholding receipts from their escorts.


Find out how frequently the agency will keep you busy.  Every night, a a couple nights per week or once per month.  Even it is infrequent there could still be value in the relationship as the agency may gets leads that could equals one month’s worth of work in a weekend.

Agency background

Try to find out how many years the agency’s been in business, since the longer they’ve been on the market, the higher its reputation is likely to be. You should also look for evidence online that the agency is legit and not some sort of scam.


You need to talk to other escorts that have worked or are currently working for the agency and see what they have to say about their experience with it. Compare the hours they work to the pay they receive to the numbers you were given by the agency representative. Ask them about any kind of harassment, violence or disrespect they’ve experienced while working for the agency or whether they felt uncomfortable working for it at any given time.

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